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About Wes

Personal Trainer

SPECS Performance Personal Fitness Orlando Florida-

Based in Orlando Florida, Wes has been a personal fitness trainer for over 21 years.  He has been helping individuals from age 10 to 80 reach their fitness goals.  He has also conducted strength and conditioning programs for both amateurs and athletic teams.

Over the years Wes has motivated and trained high school, college and professional athletes to reach their peak performance by following his customized training programs.

In addition to strength and conditioning, Wes specializes in weight loss and nutritional planning, fitness assessment and body composition testing.  His experience also includes pre and post-natal training. 

Wes holds a B.S. Degree in Health Fitness, Prevention and Rehabilitation with a Minor in Nutrition from Central Michigan University.  

Give Wes a call and let him develop a personalized fitness program that get results for you. 407-462-6001